Product Review: Lekue Piping bags

LOS ANGELES, Ca, – Decorated Halloween and Christmas cookies are a must this time of year and we’re all looking for a better bag to pipe out frosting with and Lekue has a new line of piping bags.

We’ve all had that moment when we’re decorating cookies and the piping bag splits open, causing frosting to go everywhere. Though decorating is our favorite part of making frosted cookies by that point we’re tired and don’t need another mess on our hands.

Thus a test is warranted, we’re conducting several tests to see if these bags can hold up.piping bag

Piping Bag Tests:

  1. Decorating a friends wedding cake: We decorated the wedding cake with tons of dots. The bag easily detached from the roll. It was easy to open and the inside was slightly tacky which made it really easy to hold open and fill. The bag held up through multiple fillings of icing.
  2. Mashed potatoes: We made mashed potatoes and filled the bag with them so we could pipe them on the plate. The bag was tough and though the mashed potatoes are very thick the bag held up well.
  3. Multiple small piping projects over a course of 3 months: We used the bags frequently to decorate cakes, cupcakes and even a yogurt dish. The bag cut easily for a tip and worked well on all the projects.

Overall Rating: 1 cup out of 1 cup. Yes you can use parchment or reusable, if neither of those are your style these are a great way to go. The sticky interior makes it really easy to load in the frosting.

Purchasing Info: the LeKue piping bags can be purchased at Sur La Table, $12.00 for 20 bags. You can also purchase them on their website,

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