Product Review: Cuisinart Cook Central 3 in 1 Multicooker

Los Angeles, Ca, – Cuisinart has a  3 in 1 Multicooker that slow cooks your soups and stews to perfection.  The Multicooker also sears and steams your proteins, fruits and vegetables to lessen your cooking on your stovetop. Soups, stews and warm breakfasts are ideal right now while the weather is anything but warm.

(c) 2016 Photo from Crate and Barrel

Slow cookers are not new to most consumers. What is new is our need for more and better quality slow cookers. Why you ask? It’s simple if we are going to leave a piece of machinery on when no one is home or while we are asleep and vulnerable it’s crucial the product does not jeopardize our health or our safety.

Cuisinart was discovered by Julia Childs in 1973, and since then the company has won countless awards from Best products to the Best website. They have focused their Brand on helping consumers “Savour the good life” by making quality products that simplify home cooks and professional chefs time in the kitchen.

When researching this product I reached out to some trusted home cooks and asked for specifics in “what makes a good Slow Cooker”. I also put my expertise to work and tested this Multicooker in many different recipes.

The results:

Beef stew-

(c) HMFG Copyright 2016 photo by Mary Moran

  1. Seared all meat and vegetables in the Multicooker in small batches.
  2. Added all of the meat and vegetables back into the Multicooker, while the pan was still on sear I added the tomato sauce and wine.
  3. Then added all other dry ingredients (salt, pepper, herbs) and stock. Placed the lid on and let turned it to medium heat and set the timer for 8 hours (it can be set to 16).
  4. End Result—The meat was incredibly tender and not shriveled. There was a lot of liquid left. Vegetables were cooked through.


Steamed Carrots-

  1. Placed 4 cups of water into the Multicooker and then added the rack and used the tall setting.
  2.  Set the setting to steam, placed the lid on top.
  3. when the timer beeped twice I added the carrots and cooked for 12 minutes.
  4. End Result- the carrots were perfectly cooked.


Slow Cooked chicken noodle soup-

(c) HMFG Copyright 2016 photo by Mary Moran

  1. Seared vegetables in oil on the sear setting.
  2. Then added the chicken, stock, pasta and seasonings to the Multicooker.
  3. Turned the temperature to medium and set the timer for five hours.
  4. End Result- Delicious perfectly cooked soup.



This Multicooker is sleek, sturdy, and easy to clean and does exactly what it says it does. The searing feature (temps 350-400 degrees) is useful and gets hot enough to give vegetables and meat a good sear.

The steaming feature is easy to use and allows you to cook large quantities of vegetables at the same time. The slow cooker feature offers three temperatures to cook at, so if you leave for a long day of work you can set the temperature for low with a 16 hour timer to ensure the food won’t be burned by the time you get home.  Plus there is a warming device that after the dish has finished cooking it will switch on and off to keep the food warm until you manually turn it off. The handles were never hot during cooking.


For a novice user the different settings and the amount of time needed to cook each dish might be confusing. The steam grate is slatted therefore some foods that are long and narrow fall through. It’s more expensive than other slow cookers. If after you’ve set a temperature you decide to change setting mode and you press the start/stop button after you’ve added the new cooking time it will turn the machine off. If you miss the exact temperature beep you may not know the cooker is ready for the food.



If you need a last minute gift that will earn a big Thank You this is a good gift to give. It is more expensive- priced at $129, but for the value and the long-term use it is a great buy.


The answer to the question from above- Cuisinart worked hard to create features that would help prevent your food from burning, but of course if there isn’t enough liquid it could burn.

Buy it now at Crate and Barrel